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ZheJiang BaiChuan Conductor Technology Co., Ltd.
Address:ZheJiang Province JinHua City PuJiang
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ZheJiang BaiChuan Conductor Technology Industry Co., Ltd. start-up in 1997, located in "crystal, Shuhuazhixiang " Economic Development Zone, Pujiang County, Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang million related enterprises along the existing electrical conductor Co., Ltd., Jiangxi rivers limited electric conductors Company. The main production diameter from 0.08mm-20.00mm, conductivity rate: 15%, 18%, 21%, 25%, 30%, 40% copper clad steel and other products with different specifications, but also provide all kinds of copper clad aluminum, plated Tin copper clad steel, silver plated copper clad steel, galvanized steel wire and other metal composite materials, the annual output of 28,000 tons. Quality in line with the British BS4087, American ASTM standard, widely used in telephone, cable TV, smart wiring, electronic components, wire and other digital transmission areas.

Company high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province, with advanced production line and testing, test equipment, in strict accordance with ISO9001 international standards and industry standards, a number of national inventions and utility patents, a world renowned cable business strategy service providers.


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Tel:+86-579-84311389 Contact: MR DAVID DONG Address:ZheJiang Province JinHua City PuJiang

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